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Traditional In-Home/On-Site Estate Sales


This is a large-scale liquidation of all or part of the personal property found in a house, condo, or apartment. All items are priced to sell and patrons are invited to browse through designated and staged sale areas.

Downsizing Sales and Services


Sales with this designation are generally a bit more limited in scope than a traditional estate sale. It may mean conducting a sale for only part of the personal property or limiting the sale to a certain room or space in the home, restricting public patron access.

Clean-Out Services


Even after an estate sale or downsizing process, some items will remain unsold. If you need the space empty and ready-to-go, we can work with you to arrange for the removal of any remaining items.

It is important to note that, unlike some companies, Wildwood Estate Sales does not own or operate a consignment or resale shop of any kind.
This means that we do not reserve items for us to sell independently at a later date.
We price items to sell during the agreed upon sale days and aim to make the maximum profits for our clients.

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